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The so-called "self-serving bias" refers to the tendency for people to. B. low self-control Josh's wishes and fears constitute his: B. unrealistic optimism. For example: Thinking that other people share your opinion on controversial topics; Overestimating the number of people who are similar to you; He also drives a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, and only stays at top-tier hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons. Researchers have called this misperception a false social reality, a form of pluralistic ignorance. B. self-efficacy counterfactual thinking. What concept did Milgram's Electric Shock study test? He decides to stick with D probably because of, Your friend Roger has recently been promoted at work to senior vice president. In order to feel good about ourselves, we . what is involved in going to a restaurant. B. collectivistic False Uniqueness Effect. consistency is perceived to be high, but consensus and distinctiveness are perceived to be low. D. the looking-glass self, Your self-esteem would correlate closely with what others think of you and your group if you were in a(n) ______ culture. the false uniqueness effect. the false uniqueness effect is quizletfeathered friend questions and answers. B. they quit working in class because they feel so bad The _________ is also known as the better-than-average effect and the Lake Wobegon effect. What is the difference between social psychology and sociology? Introducing Cram Folders! C. the tendency to underestimate the commonality of one's abilities. C. hoped-for possible selves; feared possible selves It is the tendency to be unduly optimistic than pessimistic about future life events. Thus, people tend to think that they see a lesbian-AIDS relationship when in fact there is no such relationship. B. external Attribution is the process by which people explain their own behavior and the behavior of others. A. ourselves as superior to the competitor B. the self-serving bias. light blockers for blinds bunnings; black and white fallacy examples in commercials; what scope do marine snipers use; does squat and cough work; the false uniqueness effect is quizlet Social psychology is interested in how the group affects the individual and vice-versa. C. high self-efficacy False consensus effect: When we overestimate how much other people share our perspective or preferences. characteristics and abilities. How can you change an implicit attitude? The Astroten study demonstrated the difference between what we think we will do and what we actually do in a given situation. The false-uniqueness effect is an attributional type of cognitive bias in social psychology that describes how people tend to view their qualities, traits, and personal attributes as unique when in reality they are not. Meanwhile, Jim thought the book was witty and provocative, and he seems to think that the reviewer shares HIS views. Social psychologists use the term __________ to refer to activating a concept in mind. B. feared self Most people with high self-esteem value individual achievement and relationships with others. This effect is due to, Hilder is on the so-called "South Beach diet", which restricts her from eating foods that are high in carbohydrates (e.g., white bread, potato chips, and pretzels). Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association. This cognitive bias tells us that our "sense" is common sense and that differing opinions are "abnormal.". people who share one's most prized. That is, when they think about "sleeping," related concepts are __________. B. self-monitoring According to Harold Kelley's attribution theory, people are MOST likely to make internal attributions for others' behaviors when. Both are a direct request. C. impression management Which of the following is NOT an explanation for the fundamental attribution error? C. immune neglect C. self-efficacy You have no idea how old he is. Carmen's underestimation of how long it would take her to complete her paper is an example of: C. self-efficacy With prices like that, we're bound to have a delicious meal!" Language is richer in situation-type terms than trait terms. This is an example of: Which of the following best describes Jack's behavior? Which of the following is the BEST example of a gain-framed appeal? A) approval; knowledge B) knowledge; approval C) compliance; conformity D) conformity; compliance, Some critics of Milgram's study, such as Haslam and his colleagues, have suggested that the behavior of the participants can be . That is, one of the things you are likely to ask about is, Roger is a member of his town's most exclusive country club. To Mr. Yipol's astonishment, though, the students actually perform worse this time. the tendency for people to assume that their faults are more common and widespread than they really are. B. self-handicapping The more Hilder thinks about the fact that she cannot eat such foods, however, the more desperately she begins to crave them. He explained his "D" in chemistry as being the result of "bad teaching." C. independent Shortage is caused by issues pertaining to real goods and. That is, it can be __________ in different ways. B. disparaging oneself (false modesty) to elicit reassurance You begin to feel that you should give up, as whatever you do does not seem to help your exam scores. C. poor self-esteem D. learned helplessness, Political conservatives tend to be economic _______ and moral _______. The first 19 flips are all heads. This is known as: D. there is no immune neglect, In Savitsky and Gilovich's study, public speakers who were informed about the illusion-of-transparency phenomenon felt: B. feared possible self How does the mode of responding impact conformity? Suppose that you meet someone who is smart, adventurous, and highly knowledgeable about rockets and outer space. The researchers found that. While it might well be the case that the reading program actually negatively impacted the students' reading ability, Mr. Yipol would be wise to consider that the decrease could be due to __________. D. see ourselves as better than the average person, D. see ourselves as better than the average person, According to Wilson and Gilbert (2003), people have the greatest difficulty predicting _______ of their future emotions. Your mind races to determine whether to make an internal attribution ("Is this guy just crazy?") . Who is likely to be more disappointed? D. social relationships help to define our self. illusory correlation. C. self-esteem Deindividuation involves loss of self-awareness and self-restraint in a group situation that fosters arousal and anonymity. Once he feels like he knows that, he goes on. A. high self-esteem When most people think of the concept "sleeping," they also tend to think about concepts like "dreaming," "being tired," and "yawning." They also thought: "These people only have themselves to blame; they really should have packed up when they heard the hurricane warnings." (2010) found that Facebook users were _____ accurate in guessing when they agreed with their friends on political issues and _____ accurate in guessing disagreement. Working out daily will help you maintain good health. participants made the fundamental attribution error for both types of essays. Wilson and Gilbert (2003) referred to this phenomenon as: The state of a "dual attitude system" exists when we have differing _______ and _______ attitudes. Later, Joe learnsthat his sister's opinion was based on the fact that her boyfriend from "up north" recently dumped her. This is an example of what social psychology phenomenon? This is an example of: D. either excel or fail, depending on the situation, Mark knows that he is an excellent liar but he doesn't feel very good about himself in general. -After ordering a cheeseburger for lunch, Dorothy thinks to herself, "well, my diet is already blown for the day; I might as well order a dessert too." What is the false uniqueness effect quizlet? She makes $2000 from one of these investments, but loses $3000 on the other one. They forget that there is a difference between the level of knowledge they have on the topic compared to . a. Sociology is the study of groups of people. She rarely claims that she is unable to complete an assignment and is academically successful. B. conservative This common misconception stems most directly from, People who think they have a hot hand after winning five poker hands in a row tend to think that. B. social comparison B. loci of control Informational social influence is influence that stems from our desire to be correct in situations in which the correct action of judgment is uncertain. Credit Solution Experts Incorporated offers quality business credit building services, which includes an easy step-by-step system designed for helping clients build their business credit effortlessly. C. attempting to present a favorable image to an external audience. If you make an external attribution for this event, then you might well be thinking, "So what! Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Touch is the most functional sense at birth. Think of it like this. If you think a person is uncooperative, you may act in an uncooperative way in your interactions with the person. Add to folder C. self-serving bias B. negatively A. have more interdependent selves It is often attributed to a desire to view one's thoughts and actions as unusual, arising . This is an example of: When you go to a restaurant, you know that there is a certain sequence of things that you need to do: (a) wait to be seated, (b) order, (c) eat, and then (d) pay. Curse of knowledge: When those who are experts in their field tend to talk above people around them on that topic. D. self-presentation, Who is MOST likely to have an independent sense of self? Examples of impact bias For example, gaining or loosing a romantic partner, getting or not getting a promotion . A. school performance A. individualistic After that meeting, Elenita decides that Hispanics in general must be independent and outspoken. A)Lying to a friend to avoid embarrassment. A. collective narcissism C. we can overcome anything Fritz Heider analyzed what he called "common sense psychology"the ways in which people explain everyday events. B. self-schema; self-concept He plays golf, has a private stable with horses, owns a jet, and is thinking about buying an island. That is, he was challenged to engage in. B. better about their speech and appearance A. failure and distance ourselves from success D. adjusting one's behavior in response to external situations to create the desired impression, You notice that your niece is unusually persistent when working on her homework. A. hoped-for self Giving priority to one's own goals over group goals, and defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes rather than group identifications is the definition of: Attribution theory is MOST concerned with, The paradoxical effects of thought suppression have been linked to psychological disorders such as. take credit for their successes but deny blame for their failures. Similarly, instead of seeing two dogs, such people might see "a small tan animal with fur and a large brown object with its tongue hanging out." Why? Many people don't quit smoking despite all the negative health information available. When people encounter information that is at odds with an existing schema. it is more likely they will win the next hand than it actually is. A. self-concept; self-schema Is this belief by millennials an example of the false uniqueness effect or false consensus effect? D. an external locus of control, When you give a presentation in class and feel extremely nervous you will tend to A. people in individualistic countries persist more when they are succeeding A. specific; truthful B)Turning down the opportunity to help out at the local homeless shelter. The belief that people can control totally chance situations is the. A. excel the tendencey to overestimate the commonality of one's opinions and one's undesirable or unsuccessful behaviors. He wants to be the "cool dad" but fears that he will be a harsh disciplinarian like his father was. This is because many of them were extremely poor, did not own cars or phones, and did not have friends or family nearby; it was virtually impossible for them to evacuate the hurricane area when they heard the hurricane warnings. We'll bring you back here when you are done. D. social identity, Blaming the tree for getting in your way after you crashed the car is an example of: . She then goes ahead and orders a deluxe chocolate milkshake. D. he is self-monitoring, Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that the self-serving bias is adaptive? B. rage This is an example of: B. collectivists; individualists Confusion over why someone treats you in a particular way is called a. emotional climate b. expectancy effect attributional ambiguity d. self-fulfilling prophecy 14. Business Driven Technology Quizlet. When asked whether it is more likely that Ingrid is (a) a teacher, or (b) both politically liberal and a teacher, most people answer (b). The False Consensus Effect is a tendency to overestimate how much people agree with us. Psychology questions and answers. A. personality D. low self-efficacy, The sense of hopelessness and resignation learned when a human or animal perceives no control over repeated negative events is called: A. strong He suggested that most people explain everyday events in terms of either __________ or __________. B. terror management theory Describe the major characteristics of the garage coverage form. It seems as though both Jules and Jim are "seeing" different things when reading the book review. A. self-interest colors our social judgment. D. an internal locus control, Which part of the brain seems to be involved in maintaining our sense of self? B. weak It could apply to opinions, values, beliefs or behaviours . A. Thus, sometimes individuals tend to believe that others are more similar to them than is actually the case. He explained his "D" in chemistry as being the result of "bad teaching." B. the competitor as superior to us A. anger A. individualism C. Keith who lives in Oregon A. a self-fulfilling prophecy the tendency. Marshabecause of the simulation heuristic, Suppose that you are a landlord for an apartment building, and one of your tenants, Gus, has just paid his rent with a "bad check" (i.e., you tried to deposit his rent check in the bank, but the check "bounced" and was returned to you). Basically, you feel less restraint and you forget about moral values and act spontaneously. Social psychology is the study of people in a group. The false consensus effect is the phenomenon and tendency to overestimate the degree to which other people will agree with you, think like you, and behave like you. When people make external, unstable attributions for others' successes or failures, these attributions tend to concern questions of, Madisons is taking a freshman seminar at her university. D. eventual self, According to Schwartz (2000; 2004), individualistic modern cultures have "an excess of freedom," which is positively correlated with: This test is known as. A. failing to appreciate external attributions, internal attributions. This relates to the diffusion of responsibility, because no one person had the full responsibility to help. Click the card to flip . A. narcissists have higher IQs D. nothing, there terms are synonymous, B. narcissists lack an interest in others, According to Myers, we are prone to "impact bias," or _______ the impact of emotion-causing events (such as finding out the results after being tested for HIV). In other words, you have a __________ for what needs to be done at restaurants. Even though the statistical probability of both hands is the same, many people (incorrectly) assume that Montana's exact hand is rarer than Sarah's exact hand. Suppose that Greg and Marsha both apply for a prestigious scholarship program, and both get rejected. D)Failing your first social psychology exam. A. about the same B. low self-esteem Yesi and her boyfriend have just broken up, and Yesi has been deeply upset about the breakup for several days. Suppose that you have a certain idea about what a tropical island should be like: It should be a tourist destination, have palm trees, enjoy a warm climate, and contain plenty of bars that serve cocktails with paper umbrellas. He's afraid of being unemployed and alone. The False Uniqueness Effect suggests that we are not so accurate after all. C. self-esteem A. self-esteem Identify the major coverages in the business auto coverage form. I would have gotten an A+ too. D. learned helplessness, Which statement about predicting your own behaviors or relationships is TRUE? Suppose that Dorothy and Tim are out to lunch together, and both are on restricted-calorie diets. Please select the correct language below. A. lifes satisfaction is the tendency to underestimate the extent others actually possess the same attributes or talents and positive traits as yourself. the tendency to underestimate the extent to which others possess the same beliefs and attributes as oneself or engage in the same behaviors, particularly when these characteristics or behaviors are positive or socially desirable. C. perform moderately well. Compared to their performance when alone, when in the presence of others, they tend to perform better on simple or well-rehearsed tasks and worse on complex or new ones. However . B. the duration This is very shocking to you. Examples of false consensus effect include believing that all people think that saving the environment is important because you feel that way, believing that all of your married friends must want to have children, because you believe that the only benefit of marriage is procreation, believing that all of your friends Compliance is from a person of equal, whereas obedience is from a person of authority. A. the anticipation of problems to motive effective action. The opposite of a cognitive miser would be someone who. Suppose that you meet an old man named Al. Andrew's belief demonstrates: Images of what we dream of or dread becoming in the future are called our: According to the self-serving bias, we tend to attribute our successes to _______ and our losses to _______. C. both the intensity and the duration the false uniqueness effect. C. Most psychology research has been conducted on children from middle-income families. ", Dr. Canne wants to encourage Kirk to lose weight.

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