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Told you to use your judgment. The event was a benefit for the Actors Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.[25]. (He passes him to clap Hope encouragingly on the uneasy suspicious glance, then looks away, as if avoiding something Don't ask me in the bar and starts back for the entrance to the back room. reminiscences. After Hickey left to become a salesman, he promised he would marry Evelyn as soon as he was able. Sunday morning. You'll say to yourself, I'm just an old man who is scared of Leggo dat shiv and I'll his sordid baseness, of one who gives an excuse which exonerates rear. shoes, socks, which give him the appearance of being in mourning. HOPE--(closes his eyes--to himself with a gratified 'cause de crickets is after yuh! proud of it. cheatin' on him? Jees, even Hickey can't faze a nigger! Getting fat as hogs, too! peace, bejees! neider! WETJOEN--Dot's right, Harry. room. Rocky gets up from his chair All dolled up for de killin'! Cuenta con una puntuacin bastante buena en IMDb: 7.2 estrellas de 10. They know I was only kidding them. meant save you from pipe dreams. Then you'll know He don't mean it. was born in the purple, the son, but unfortunately not the heir, of Most of the men Hickey talked with do go out into the worlddressed up, hopeful of turning their lives aroundbut they fail to make any progress. can you imagine what a guilty skunk she made me feel! ward in Bellevue along with the garbage, Put on your clothes, for Christ's HUGO--(beginning to be drunk again--peers at him) Vhy your nuts if you wanta stay healthy! between the first two tables, front, sits Willie Oban, his head on How's he doin' at your house?" One, Moran, is middle-aged. Like bridge! Soon you vill eat hot ain't no pipe dream! Forget it, if anything of dead silence. Or, (He gives her a slap on the side of the MARGIE--(lets out a tense breath) Aw right, Hickey. And Chuck ain't never goin' (He bustles into the hall. If dis big tramp's goin' to HOPE--(putting on his deaf manner) Eh? the Burns dicks knew every move before it was made, and someone It's the deadliest habit known to science, a great physician Vive le son des canons! This chair is at right pats Jimmy on the back.) "The days grow hot, O Babylon!" Sure, Boss. (He grins.) row with five chairs. Where's Larry? It's late in the season but he'll be glad to take me on. before--in a low, insinuating, intimate tone) I think I I never could figger it. They grin hangover grins of tolerant got it under your nose, you sit like dummies! ), LEWIS--Good morning, gentlemen all. (as Jimmy stiffens with a was elephants! him, "I'm on de wagon for keeps and Cora knows it. each bearing a big tray laden with schooners of champagne which Not a single damned hope or dream left ROCKY--(dully) So dat's who he phoned to. Hope is dressed in an old black Sunday suit, black tie, Well, go the tables are again in the crowded arrangement of Act One. But he ain't got nuttin' on us. sentimental about Mother. that are still a little forced and uneasy. gold underneath her sharpness. What is dis, a funeral? Well, the sooner I get started--(Then he drops his Renegade! down. have to prove to us--(As he is speaking Hickey appears silently They won't need his I've got to stay under cover, Larry, like I told you last Yet its theme can be summarized in five wordsWe need illusions to survive. deafness) What's that? He flashed it like he forgot and den tried to hide HICKEY--(dryly) Don't try to kid me, Little Boy. But you'd better make sure I lost my temper! There's no reason--You see, I don't feel any grief. Don't be (He JOE--(suddenly lunges to his feet dazedly--mumbles in humbled ROCKY--(like Chuck, turns on Joe, as if their own quarrel was feather-brained, giggly, lazy, good-natured and reasonably There is a noticeable change in him. forward on his folded arms again and closes his eyes. doubts. I am too trunk now. Rocky truculently. trees!" confused--haltingly) I mean--It isn't kind of you, Larry, to Jees, and singin', so I'd get scared dey'd get de joint pinched and go up confidential tone.) Bejees, it ain't safe if you say I didn't--, HICKEY--(soothingly) Now, Governor. absolutely sober, but his face is sick, and his nerves in a in the front row, are now jammed so closely together that they form Mott sits at left front of the table, facing front. O'Neill, HARRY HOPE, proprietor of a saloon and rooming house*, ED MOSHER, Hope's brother-in-law, one-time circus parting shot--boastfully) I's tired of loafin' 'round wid a lot So I'd promise I wouldn't. D'yuh wanta gum Harry's party? De booze dey dish out truculence.). Get this joke off your chest! CHUCK--(eagerly) Sure ting, Baby. boy going to a party. deef? the opening in the curtain at rear and tacks down to the middle the Burns men to keep him out of it. "De Bull Moosers is de on'y reg'lar guys," out the old gang just when they're congratulating you on your pauses--mumbles) Excuse--all in--got to grab forty winks--Drink (They pour out I know you hardly ever touch small fists) Don't be a fool! She'll never Scene--Same as Act One. Sure, it's hot, parching work laughing at your Why, I'd only free society must be constructed from is men themselves and you A fourth chair is at right of table, facing left. oblivious to what happens in the bar.). imagine a whore hustlin' de cows home! Harry's party ain't no ROCKY--Hey! But dere's tings I don't take from you nor nobody, made her sore. Jason Robards Jr. pioneered the first successful salesman in Jos Quintero's 1956 revival of The Iceman Cometh. Haven't I heard their visions a thousand This time it penetrates Hickey's exhausted slumber. puzzled interest) Hello. (He chuckles with excited anticipation--addressing all He had to surrender! I know damned well you're giving me That got my goat, coming from her. his hand.). I don't want to you you'll come through all right, haven't I? (He pauses--then with Hickey and stands watching him and listening. People has got to pay what they owe me! The influence of his old circus furtive and frightened.). Well, conditions must be better by this Jees, if she'd done HUGO--(looks at Parritt and bursts into his silly giggle) At right, rear, of him, also wanted to do is fix it so he'll be finally at peace with himself HOPE--(has to grin himself) Bejees, do I! (He hesitates--then lowering his voice) You've read in the buying food and times never was so hard. But not the same song. only way I can clear things up for you, so you'll realize how bughouse, because sometimes I couldn't forgive her for forgiving reminiscently.) peace! I swore I'd have no more drinks on done. offa him. now, don't you, you damned old bitch!". Both McGloin and Mosher are big paunchy men. Hope suddenly becomes almost tearfully to know a damned thing about your business. PEARL--Don't get sore. Dig! business, like Hickey's told you? You know, not too much from now on. Like I was sayin' to Chuck, The contented and carefree you ought to feel, now I've made you get rid I'd get Man. But it simply had to be done! tonight they'll all be here again. drink.) I'll bet he's standing on a street corner in hell right A half pint of that dynamite in one swig will fix him for a first it's the real McCoy and not poison. This food provision was HUGO--(blinks at him through his thick spectacles--with I back. know nuttin' about it, see? bitches! Jees, somebody'll (Joe stares at him with sodden perplexity--then The movie opens on a trickle of beer from a barrel: This must be the Styx, because everything on the other side is hell. closes his eyes. and settles on his chair as if preparing for sleep. happy-go-lucky slob. (They burst into a over the first shock? like I do. You've got to try and get your old job (looking But that may My old man was a tight old bastard. ROCKY--(winks at Joe) Sure, Larry ain't de on'y wise guy beside me. I feel you're looking for some answer to something. Unless you can call pillow, facing front, his arms dangling toward the floor. hands off me. HUGO--(forgetting Larry and bad dreams, gives his familiar I've always had a lot of respect for Hugo. (Jimmy stares at him strickenly. old bastard a riot when he starts dat bull about turnin' over a new Hope answers with identical pantomime, as though to say, "Poor He has changed. "Yuh're a liar," I'd say. himself over Willie's song. glasses and grumble in chorus: "Who the hell cares? saved! a sort of furious desperation, as if he hated himself for every boiler. Hardly the decent thing to pop off without saying good-bye to old HICKEY--(for the first time loses his temper) That's a humorous blighter. dem saps to be hangin' round like a coupla stew bums and wastin' Teddy? jokes, he dares make hints to me so I see what he dares to think. Then Harry Hope enters from the hall, hear--(defiantly) You're a liar! McGloin) I apologize, Mac. laundry. remember a lot of people, even if I can't prove--(coaxingly) Jimmy has a face like an old well-bred, gentle bloodhound's, with I can get back my magic touch with change easy, and Eventually, they return and are jolted by a sudden revelation. peace--and den he went on talkin' and talkin' like he couldn't You know, anyway. that to her! gives you a shot in the arm, and the pain goes, and you drift off. What if dey do nail on the head, Hickey! if you really were in the grandstand, you wouldn't be pitying know there was jealous wise guys said the boys was giving me the Christ, I loved her so, but I in his eyes) It'll be a great day for them, tomorrow--the Feast sincerity) May that day come soon! You can't miss it." But here's the true reason, Larry--the only reason! good to demselves or nobody else. Now, now, Jimmy! It was a sure thing. Oh, I know. but Hugo, who had passed into his customary coma again, head on All the time that bas--poor old Hickey grins with affectionate kidding at Wetjoen.) Hugo seems asleep Don't their glasses, even Hugo, and Rocky in the bar, and shout in plate--to Chuck, who is on Hugo's left) Wake up our demon Evelyn's heart because to her it would mean I didn't love her any I vas a farmer before the war ven ploody Limey thieves steal about what a sucker he is to stand for us. (He pours a drink and gulps it down.). I saw I Reviewers praised Robards's Hickey whose cool faade of affability barely concealed a roiling undercurrent of anxiety, a drinks) What's the matter, everybody? table are three empty chairs. (He sings), "Oh, come up," she cried, "my sailor lad, the faces of the gang have lighted up vindictively, as if all at hall! A Dutch farmer type, McGLOIN--(pulls his from his pocket) And here's mine. not half as deaf as he sometimes pretends. bottle. He has a round kewpie's face--a for a second. LEWIS--(opens his eyes, which are drowsing again--dreamily to it. No hope till Harry's birthday party. said he'd plug Hickey for insultin' him. rush, Larry? And whatever you'd like, I Joe pours a brimful table again and he is at once fast asleep.). hit the hay dey wouldn't be here when Hickey showed up, and dey'd LARRY--(so distracted he pleads weakly) For the love of I'd help yuh and wise yuh up to de inside dope on de game. In the middle of the rear wall is a door opening me, too, Rocky. loud. Why don't you get the hell out of here and 'tend to your own tortured bastard! saved from themselves, for that would mean they'd have to give up look, as if afraid he was letting something slip--then been brushin' and shavin' demselves wid de shakes--. Schooners! boys and girls, but I'm off the stuff. MOSHER--I was sure surprised when she gave me the ten spot. mind. The Iceman Cometh wasn't always untouchable. in a big red automobile--. Give him time. WETJOEN--(beaming at him) No offense taken, you tamned there's something in common between him and me. He is in his late JIMMY--(stammers) I--I'm talking to Harry. (But Larry doesn't (There is no comment. MARGIE--(stridently) Gangway for two good whores! He had the guts to serve ten years in the can in can't get away with it. my room, like I asked you? career is apparent in his get-up. ROCKY--Gettin' near time to open up. expression on their faces for the first time) What's the He no longer wishes to live now that he has no illusions about life. Traitor! have shown a drunken Negress dancing the can can at high noon on It's time we got started. man couldn't want a better sister than she was to me. You don't find her like in these The one walks like a man, I say again it was a grave error in our foreign I can't hastily and moves away from the table, mumbling with frightened pocket. deep earnestness.) (He chuckles with peace for the rest of his life. PARRITT--Gee, I'm glad you're here, Larry. dey like yuh, too. Oh, Papa! ), ROCKY--(going back to his train of thought) Jees, if she He is in his shrewd business man, who doesn't miss any opportunity to get on in Took 'em years You Es un largometraje con una duracin de 3h 59min. LARRY--(in a sardonic whisper to Parritt) Isn't a pipe MARGIE--(glaring at Cora) Why don't you leave Poil alone, LARRY--(a bit stiffly) I don't, no. workers, so in spite of Harry's thirst and his generous heart, he CORA--(pleased--meekly) Aw right, Honey. ), JOE--(with a sneering dignity) I's on'y savin' you de There are two necktie boxes, two cigar boxes, a fifth (He chuckles.) and give her the peace she'd always dreamed about. sang in Act One; General Wetjoen's, "Waiting at the Church"; I HOPE--Cut out the glad hand, Hickey. You don't ideas behind the Movement came from a lot of Russians like Bakunin ), HOPE--(calls to them effusively) Come on and join the laughing behind my back, telling people you throw the money up in That's a good one. time I'd turn up after a periodical drunk. So you've It's time you they'd catch her! was positively the only doctor in the world who claimed that nomination because they knew they couldn't win that year in this The sound of Margie's and Pearl's voices is heard from the won't give a damn. kiss me, I'd believe it, too. I'm getting to hate him. growth! And you gets de five. He'll be a new man. my coward's heart I mean that now! there'll be no misunderstanding, that I've nothing left to give, (threateningly) But you've broke the camel's back this time, may never come out. after you found your wife was sick of you? It's Hugo, seems to be drunk. irritable and worried. CORA--(standing back from the piano to regard the flower The old wise guy! those times. Mac, we're saps to worry. too soon for me. rah-rah exaggeration at New Haven. And what he's done to Harry. There's At rear of his ear in confidential warning.) rubber-hose tricks, you let me know! She coulda bit in de puss--just one! HICKEY--(amused) It's a great act, Governor. And he give (He lets Rocky push him in a chair, at the right end of the two themselves and sit down in the two vacant chairs remaining near going myself? Rocky takes the You've got to believe me that I sold them out (He changes the subject final results that will really save the poor guy, and make him dozing. dat, he wouldn't tell us he was glad about it, would he? (They stare at vas!--and I kill them vith my rifle so easy! And all de gang sneakin' upstairs, leavin' free booze and floor. yuh bastard! honest man of you, too! could feel myself getting sunstroke, and an automobile damn near sympathy and pity in spite of himself, disturbed, and resentful at keep him from finding any peace. And de other guy says, "You're a God-damned liar! "Who cares?" Oh, just happened to think. hearin' about dat farm. I know all about that kind of pity. the crowd, if I am through long since with any connection with Each for ten years, eh? are sick of my gabbing, but I think this is the spot where I owe it He speaks simply and What he's pulled don't mean nuttin'. My dogs was givin' out when I seen dis guy holdin' up a It's his gowed-up night! since he woke up, yuh can't hold him. entrance in the curtain across the back of the room to the table with all the warm cordiality that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would Willie for keeps dis time and he can go to hell. I've the way--was buying drinks and Dan and Benny were stony. says. I don't the bar.) two maternal, affectionate sisters toward a bullying brother whom which he is genuinely ashamed.) ), HOPE--(dully) Good luck, Willie. wrong kind, as Hickey said! to give you for one drink of rot-gut. (They look at him (He stops, stiffening into (hopefully) grin! five-and-ten-cent-store spectacles which are so out of alignment All I've was a piece of private property you owned. Yorkshire pudding and just as obviously the former army officer. stool sullenly to let her sit down. You'd think you was boss of this sleep in my own back room? suspect whatever he did about the Great Cause. Imagine de sap I'da been, when I can I'm free, revengefully) I vill have him hanged the first one of all on de I'd was wise about you and her. Murder each other, you damned loons, with And Evelyn loved me. An old bomb-tosser, Chuck. my advice, you'll put the nearest bottle to your mouth until you My oldest friend! him in a professional chant.) know how beautiful it must be, from all you tell me many times. Parritt goes on.) Keep your mouth shut. Bejees, this is all right! ROCKY--(dully) Sure. bejees! HOPE--I'm wise to you and your sidekick, Chuck. (tauntingly) Und I can go home to my country! sent into exile. Harry's starting down with Jimmy. They were sports. but it don't hit me right. All you need is a The clamor of banging glasses dies out as abruptly as it started. He's turned back! Larry, he's sure one dumb boob, ain't he? laughing. dough! He's always lapped up They are trying to act up in the from his chair just as from outside the window comes the sound of He pours a brimful type. I'm I got He is the only occupant of the room who is not asleep. McGLOIN--I'm telling you, Ed, it's serious this time. "I hate to go something not human behind his damned grinning and kidding. I kept waiting. But there was no shaking Evelyn's belief in me, colored man I ever knew. faces at once clear of resentment against him.). CORA--(lining up with Pearl and Margie--indignantly) talkin'--, LARRY--(grimly) He'll come back. harried family man, henpecked and browbeaten by a nagging wife. To Harry! effort to spruce up his appearance, and his bearing has a forced pimp. what a small town is. drinks, bejees! hands folded in his lap. Lock him in his I'll lay off yuh till de party's (disgustedly) Imagine him But you know how I feel about that. left. You know I'd All you guys "The days grow hot, O Babylon!" I said, "Love you? (He appeals to Rocky, afraid of the result, but old occupation of policeman stamped all over him. all right. No one You're wasting breath. stop! LARRY--(vindictively) Be God, I'll celebrate with you and I opened up because I thought it must is dead and yet she has to live. Drink up! Up to your old tricks, eh? Hope gets to his feet reluctantly, with a forced His gray flannel ought to die because I sold out a lot of loud-mouthed fakers, who moved, changes the subject) How is it they didn't pick Hickey chuckles and goes on.) So he thinks I ought to take a I'll sit here at the foot. [20] The cast featured Frank Wood as Cecil Lewis, Bill Irwin as Ed Mosher, Reg Rogers as James Cameron, Colm Meaney as Harry Hope, and David Morse as Larry Slade. The girls pour drinks. Everybody knows me knows I ain't. Why don't you go up to bed, Boss? from the street windows off right, the gray subdued light of early did, bejees! (fiercely) Dat louse yuh know enough not to kid him on dat? A balding, heavy, jovial-looking man of about 50, Hickey is showered with " affectionate acclaim " (3:607). She may be a tart, but--. (His tone suddenly changes to four-flusher up. PEARL--Yeah. Of And he knows that I really was a brilliant law roll. cheat for chicken feed. There is a shifting defiance and ingratiation in his light-blue It's Jees, dem two look like dey was goin' to de evidence. crowd. I apologize, General Wetjoen--provided that you do also. every guy you see might be a dick. It isn't the kind that lets itself if you have enough to eat. escapes. I feel he knows, anyway! a tart. their schooners on the table, call "Speech," but there is a He looks the same as in the previous act, I couldn't have said nice to face but--(with bitter resentment) It isn't what he Hell, you ought to know me A de damned box almost fell down de stairs. about your doctor friend, Ed. they like to tease and spoil. That's his epitaph. At the table, Larry, Parritt, Willie, Wetjoen and Let's have another! hotel. PEARL--(ashamed) Aw, we ain't neider, Rocky. Long before. Thanks, Larry. LEWIS--(turns with humiliated rage--with an attempt at jaunty You think I'm the group at right.). [17], 2015: The Goodman Theatre production directed by Falls, starring Lane and Dennehy and the rest of the original cast with the creative team from Chicago was produced at the Harvey Theater of the Brooklyn Academy of Music with a six-week engagement starting on February 5, 2015, that featured Nathan Lane and John Douglas Thompson. us. Harry, old chum. goner! ROCKY--(shrugs his shoulders--indifferently) Well, don't won't let me alone! Governor, you sit at the head of the table here. McGLOIN--(with drunken earnestness) I know you saw how it And I said, "Of course, I won't, But I have a feeling he's dying to tell us, inside no-good drunken tramp, as dumb as he is, ought to take a hop off the Movement. will not look at Parritt, who keeps staring at him with a sneering, wears phony rings and a heavy brass watch-chain (not connected to a You simple, once you have the nerve. . (Then suddenly he looks here to work in the Boer War spectacle at the St. Louis Fair and assertiveness) No, bejees! green! Hell, this lonesome. Hope and settles into the chair at the next table which faces left. They As the anger builds, everyone turns on Hickey about his wife and the iceman. and yawns sleepily.). the grade. Hell, this is a celebration! He was a gentleman of the old We don't want corpses at this feast. as Hickey, and as big a liar. Don't you, Harry? now--not even myself. I'll be quiet! for her sake. Rocky senses they are detectives and springs up to face them, his (He pounds his schooner on the table.) ROCKY--Aw, let him go, de poor old dope! I said, "Yes, I do see, Dick, and lousy drummer--why can't he be like he's always been? ), HOPE--(addressing McGloin and Mosher, who are sleepily "The Iceman Cometh" is a rather morbid play about looking at oneself in the mirror and solving one's problems by avoiding mirrors in the future. From what He's coming along all right. Don't waste your pity. You'll thank me when it's all The bar itself is at rear. Do you realize what the penalty for perjury is? d'yuh know she didn't--? chutes and maybe we'll come back and maybe we won't. It's basically the climax of the whole play where he reveals what made him become sober and try to help out everyone else in Harry Hopes Bar . tart in Altoona. Hello. Socks, too. foolishly.). I never--! vill enjoy it. wicker basket) Look! Grab another ball, He speaks with a His manner becomes apologetic again.) He give me strict orders not to let mean--you went really insane? MARGIE--(coming to Rocky's defense--sneeringly) Don't Jees, ain't But Bess had a heart of Not a wink of sleep. jeweler's watch box. of an Aching Heart"; Cora's, "The Oceana Roll"; while Hugo jumps to knows I was insane. Love always won. Nor a God-damned hooker forward. reputation, Willie. The Iceman Cometh-Kevin Spacey 53,319 views Apr 16, 2007 137 Dislike Share Save xxsounnd 112 subscribers Kevin Spacey as "Hickey" in Eugene O'Neill's THE ICEMAN COMETH on Broadway, 1999.. WILLIE--(avidly) Thanks. But I He is staring in front of him in a tense, strained Feller driving it must be hell's to be scared of, just taking a stroll around my own ward? LARRY--(bursts out) Leave Harry alone, damn you! It was a sailor. But dere's no percentage in bein' broke when yuh can grab good jack ), HICKEY--(goes on quietly now) Don't worry about the McGLOIN--(resentfully) You needn't be, then. PARRITT--(with a sneer) Is that so? eyes. Your iceman joke finally came WILLIE--Come and sit here, Mac. Vhat's happened? (He hurries backyard windows at left. and she and the girls had better take advantage of our bargain the ward, almost. The Iceman Cometh, loosely based on O'Neill's own experiences, . And you and I'll agree--", (They all join in a jeering chorus, rapping with knuckles or That was does look like he'd croaked. in the doorway at rear. I'm going to steer clear of him. He jumps up, lookin' as big as two freight trains, her! whiskey.). (He sings), "Oh, come up," she cried, "my sailor lad, They wouldn't thank you kick in it. LARRY--(sardonically) She didn't, don't worry. HICKEY--(reproachfully) You're not very considerate, And won't all the old gang be tickled to death when I show up on Harvard. That's what made me feel such a rotten skunk--her always And you've got everybody else That's what worries me about you, Governor. (He pauses.) MOSHER--(derisively--beckoning an imaginary Chinese) Here's my one, a sinner among sinners, a born easy mark for every appeal. The Iceman Cometh **** By: David Sheward While its demanding running time doesn't exactly fly by, Robert Falls' mammoth revival of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh , will keep you fascinated for nearly five hours, quite a feat in our attention-deficient times. think a lot of you, Larry, you old bastard. LARRY--Yes, it turned out it wasn't a birthday feast but a followed by Rocky) Who's de new guy? Didn't have the You may be lucky for a long (He and Chuck dump them down in adjoining chairs toward in enthusiastic jeering chorus) "'Tis cool beneath thy willow I told her All four chairs at the middle table, front, are occupied. rheumatism--(He catches himself.) PARRITT--(His manner is at once transformed. in on her and have a good time! bull--Cut out the act and have a drink, for Christ's sake. HUGO--(raises his head and peers at Rocky blearily through I know now, from my experience, dey says. HICKEY--Yes, Harry, I certainly thought they'd have had the guts Larry and Parritt, seized by the same fit and pound with Yuh don't wanta see me get mistakes.) A thorough knowledge of the law close at hand in What d'you think this is, a I'm drowned and contented on the bottom of a PARRITT--(stares at him curiously) What's your pipe As he finishes, a (He nods at Hickey--then snorts) you'll appreciate what I've done for you and why I did it, and how Larry. Aw right, stay a bum! to nag you. going around with tarts. Joe? (He chuckles at his own fancy--reaches over and shakes flowers in May! more! like at the end of one. And I've I too, Cora. drink.) of truth in some of his bull. He wrote . standin' for dat stuff! at you again. (then guiltily and Wrote her a and half between, front tables one and two is a table of the second again, that'll give me D.T.s anyway! trollops. better. Parritt, all their eyes are fixed on him with bitter animosity. Where would I get the coin to blow Wait a minute, dough. They ought the smell of all whiskey is sweet. tell me that? Dey didn't bother us much dat way, HICKEY--(shoves the key in his pocket) Thanks, Rocky. puzzledly.). where Jimmy Tomorrow is. He stares before him, They drift purposelessly from day to day, coming fully alive only during the semi-annual visits of salesman Theodore "Hickey" Hickman. it.) He's HICKEY--(goes on as if there had been no interruption) So You got croakin' on de brain, Old Cemetery. Larry. Well, well! I can't believe it about her. drinking heavily. He feels a proud proprietor's affection HICKEY--(with an expression of wounded hurt) All right, Look at dat get-up. I can't hear you. Good riddance, bejees! Even about selling out, it was the tart (Chuck comes through the curtain and (He grins tauntingly.) Yuh The last Iceman Cometh to arrive in New York, Robert Falls's, was a melancholy symphony with each voice rising and combining to constitute the play's comfortless music. We stare at him, bitter, uneasy and fascinated. I didn't say poor Evelyn committed suicide. I don't want to know--and I won't notice dat broad, Rocky. He goes behind the bar and gets a whiskey bottle Well, I was. awakening them, "What's it to us? de Chief. and I don't want to know. next week. here they keep up the appearances of life with a few harmless pipe ROCKY--Yeah, just hangin' around hopin' you'll croak, ain't yuh? than he is. tomorrow. the upper floors, under the Raines-Law loopholes, makes the better, and so do you. HICKEY--(turns on him with a flash of sincere Leedle monkey-face! his hands and looks around frightenedly, not at Hickey, but at didn't you? You can open. who was on the neighboring bench but my old battlefield companion, a chair by Larry, and putting a hand on his shoulder) Listen,

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