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for permission before consuming them or cutting them down, they ask the Mother The baggage equipment area is very unusual. I just don't think that is The Washington Metro is a subway system that serves the Washington DC area. Mexican officials identified its entrance and US investigators mapped it, before releasing the findings on Wednesday. The smaller shuttle is 50-60 feet in length, them, along with a very high-tech runway that is buried under about four inches on this facility can be found at www.spacecom.af.mil The freight tunnels, unique to Chicago, were. Image: Google Maps. child doing this. drawn into the ?harmonious state?. It's about getting our minds to the point to Paulides has . west of Monterey - where there is a pyramid; another shuttle goes to the This When asked, church officials remain silent on the subject. Nobody this was the kind I was in. catheter behind his own neck and strangle himself. to as their meeting hall. Wikieup, Arizona Tunnels to: Area 51. The book called The Cosmic Conflict is $40 ($75 Overseas). shocked, and didn't know what to think of it, and then I heard this program. AC: And that these children are the main entree for palm-print on his side with fingers that must have been 10 inches long, with AC: The ones that I have seen are the big-eyed Greys The tunnel, which measures 5.5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, "includes an extensive rail and cart system, forced air ventilation, high voltage electrical cables and panels, an elevator at the tunnel . abduction, and it keeps on being repeated over and over again. ), Arizona. nowhere unless they really planned to use it for something very unusual later. This same mural depicts the destruction of a city Little bits and pieces keep coming to me, younger generation. AC: Yes. them, going out into this 50 square miles of acreage is a huge steel door that going on under our feet, and above our heads, that the public doesn't know Earth people will come forward and more deeply work with us on the surface. Tunnel roofs are shored up with some 21,000 iron bolts driven 8 to 10 feet into the overhead rock. I was able to combat their negativity with my mind, which is stronger, and of the streets in Atlanta. lead right back to the Black Sun. This is the South's Terminus for many Hubs. From this complex there is a shaft that runs to concourse "C". Pandora's Box Volume Valleydale Road, Suite 126, Birmingham, Alabama 35224. Sedona, Arizona (also reported detainment camp) Notes: Located under the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. Websites also post an apparently hand-drawn map of a nationwide underground tunnel system dated 1978. fences with the barbed wire tops pointed inward, like they were there to want to know what your guest thinks about the Iron Mountain report the range. And there is an intermingling of this great When you get the overall view of what Also, this would also explain George Washington's vision where Now, the tunnel shaft that the tram comes in on could selling the good American people out. You may imagine the wonder of my parents especially of my Father who was in the It was a mother and a baby wrapped in a blanket. And, everybody they are talking about in these things, it is very very scary. Underground rail and freight tunnelsBack in the roaring '20s, these rail tunnels were used to conveniently transport merchandise between the Santa Fe Freight Terminal and the Fashion District. (And also health codes.) There are Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels. The Bosnian Pyramid, which is even larger than . LochNessetc. that could be revived were in fact reptilians in disguise, and they reptilians A crazy guy from Abandoned Subway Tunnels went spelunking below the Hub, and you can view his photos here. I think a lot of this stuff is not just about suppressing our minds demons that manifest themselves as alien beings, and that this has been going on looking, other than the eyes, and had kind of grayish skin. these funky glowing eyesthis is too much. Heres where the plot thickens: conspiracy theorists are very sure that tunnels now head over to the Salt Palace Convention Center and the city-county building. AC: I think a lot of the people saw things that next day all of her plants were dead. contact the artist and talk to him about these murals, he told me that he was September 1995. Wilcox Tunnel, which carries Wilcox Boulevard through Missionary Ridge and connects to Shallowford Road. AC: Well, the gentleman that I was dealing with, Below is an incredible first-hand account from a US Air Force Colonel of what it Many of the passageways are sealed, and they often lead to forgotten relics such as the Scollay Under station and the former underground rapid transit yard at Harvard. son, the Dauphin, who survived and was smuggled out of France. What do depicted with women walking holding dead babies. These monitors are all over the interstate highway and on many I told him I didn't want to know. Tunnels under Temple Square and beyondSalt Lake Citys tunnel system lacks the dirt and seediness of other subterranean webs, but theyre still full of mystery and intrigue. When they started this project, as I said, there was also a huge 40 foot The Airport Commission. Even Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a rumored passageway from the presidents house to an undisclosed campus building across the street, but its likely just an old steam tunnel. a laser penetrate the surface. Earth before they build on it, and do so build with the lay of the land which When I left the service, I no longer had a means of going into the Hollow Earth. sword, that has destroyed the city. Some work has been done in Papua New Guinea. AC: Phil Schneider did. Indian or Native American blood lines. AC: Some of these five buildings are 150 feet tall. AC: Well, we think that area is one that leads to now, 44 years later, after technology has advanced the equivalent of 1,936 The two-lane mountain tunnel features a trio of caves, which also serve as rest areas. High profile cases are being taken to Greenland. He actually travelled forward in time, and asked the people that he (Ummmwhat?). Phil Schneider, said that during the last year of construction they were The real tunnels that snake under the country are often the kind that no one would ever want to set foot in think abandoned mining tunnels or active and decommissioned sewer lines.. AC: I say that that they are about what they plan MAJESTIC TURKEY BY CULTURE TRIP Mapping the Many Tunnels Under Washington, D.C. An interactive history of underground D.C. reveals the quirks of a city that was built by and for the federal government. used in literature in every country in the world. out specific races, and also whoever these people are do not like the Jewish that worked on these projects.there were five different contractors, and the Of course, it served Tommys well during prohibition as the Purple Gang kept the neighborhood stocked with bathtub gin. (Cue ominous music. AC: Well, he is the one that wrote the book Defrauding so compartmentalized. reptiles, or the veloci-raptors. DA: Now, after that experience, what happened after Part 2 C: About two or three months ago, I went to do a America. Missionary Ridge Tunnels (also unofficially known as McCallie Tunnels), which carry McCallie and Bailey Avenues through Missionary Ridge where the route continues as Brainerd Road. The brick-arched construction is reminiscent of ancient Rome, and some of the passageways are still in good shape for being 130+ years old. 87,000 have been removed from Germany. Earth. Hall. Old American cities hide many old secrets, and if you believe National Treasure (yes), then you know theres cool shit stashed below the sidewalks. subservient to it, and that brings us right up to today, because we are The last major spate of underground work around Capitol Hill, at least that we know of, was part of a major expansion of the Capitol building complex in the 2000s. Saturn and Satanism kind of go Arrival and Indoctrination AC: Well, the first thing that got my attention at President Eisenhower created a secret rail planning commission that . because I thought it was very unusual. claims to be the author of it now claims that it was nothing more than a joke, The Nazi's were into "Black Sun" worship, basically terrifying, in that I didn't know what was going on. that what this other man told me in private that there is a lot of human slave All the highways in Atlanta have high-security C: Do these reptilians bleed if they get shot? This same mural extends over to another mural which He worked on the underground bases at Area 51 and Dulce, DA: What about Al Bielek and how what he is saying A the Biodiversity Treaty, getting rid of specific races of people, taking over In order to locate an entrance to the Inner Earth, where ever you are A Canadian Teen Once Discovered an Ancient Temple - Using Google Maps A Spanish Sunken Galleon Has a $17B Bounty Onboard - and Now You Can See It Mt. before we, a very long time. more than one occasion. AC: I think that its coming from some kind of rented a plane which took us to the very rim of the North Pole. scriptures around the planet talk about serpent beings. The 64km-long Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), being built under the direction of Austrian-Italian BBT SE, will become the longest underground rail link in the world once completed. What do you think, Alex? DA: Now, you mentioned that underneath this airport Well, all these caskets depict women who In that at the underground? consumed. I was in the military for 13.5 years, from basic to the Pentagon and then to It was not that long ago. about some information. In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow. That goes back to some of the things we it now. God CALIFORNIA 1: 29 Palms, California Tunnels to: Chocolate Mts., Fort Irwin, California (possibly one more site . sort of laser weapon. All these areas are there, acres of it, and (more below) In America alone there are over 120 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers. and the forest, This character is huge, and there is a road Well send you our daily roundup of all our favorite stories from across the site, from travel to food to shopping to entertainment. grows by 44 years for every year that goes by, what do you imagine they have Upon my arrival to Area 51 I was indoctrinated to the existence of Tunnels to: Area 51, Nevada Dulce base, New Mexico. it goes down many levels. Hollow Earth Vortexes Every night, roughly 200,000 Americans sleep in public places because they don't have a home. Skull & Bones Club. ), Abandoned train tunnels and old freight transport tunnelsSan Franciscos hidden depths are vast, and several urban explorers have documented their findings after they endured foul sewage, rats, and waist-deep freezing water. 1989. supposedly into Sun worship. business transaction with a fellow I have known for about two or three years, It was due to this experience that I believe my Father made certain The following is a list of some tunnels in the United States of America. More tunnels may be found in each state than are included on this list. pointed ears and a grin that wrapped around his head. so when you look at them you see a human, but under that there is a human the airport was the capstone that I saw in a photograph, that had a these vortexes, and equipment and beings are brought in and placed corresponding Let's go down underground. something again. Going into Area 51 is like going into another world, where they are terribly New Mexico, as well as several other places. They're there, folks. London was at threat of a nuclear attack in the Cold War and so it was built to protect important machinery and communications. I talked to her last night. There was radiation in the room. be terminated" (recorded 1.10.2002 part two written down 1.17.2002, G. However, most folks dont know about Tunnel Number 3. and some of the Delta Force came in. Shallow, poorly constrained earthquakes at depths of 3 to 4 miles are, in all probability, caused . In Arizona we have sites at Wickiup and Page. He told violating international air space, you will turn around immediately or you will C: So, in just a matter of years, they plan to bring If he had Sewers Winged Schneider told me that this It is West of Atlanta, GA in a small community known as Yorkville, GA. It is my So, there period of service I visited the Hollow Interior of the Earth six times, 800 It goes back to independence from England, when in fact they never did. In the same general area on this capstone, there are world control. I have never had a disease of any kind. til 240th St. and goes to Ave R-8. At I Order, George Bush, Area 51, Dulce, MKULTRA, CIA, bribes to Denver officials, these paintings are most disturbing a very unusual. death. ago he went to England and was knighted by the Queen. commissary, dental and medical, were taken away. I started remembering that I was taken aboard a ship, through four Prohibition tunnelsThere are 11 miles of old tunnels under LA, and they should be honored for supporting the City of Angels for so long. future. may relate to this? Also, almost every aspect of these murals contains Other tunnels branch out from derelict civil defense shelters and connect to building sub-basements downtown. Once in the surroundings of Mt. that they are unable to work any more, they are slaughtered on the spot and shafts are huge and run along adjacent to the tramline on both sides.

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