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Doesn't tend to attract many tourists despite its central location: a small haven amongst the bustle of King's Parade/Trinity Street. IBkidinthecorner, Started by: Natural Sciences Director of Studies sent 1st years an email telling them they are not allowed to have what they regard as a good time, that ALL of [their] attention needs to be given to the subject as it requires "[their] FULL brain capacity (and for a large fraction of you, even that will not be quite enough)", Lots of tourists on Silver Street looking at the mathematical bridge. The communication during the application process is somewhat *sketchy*. Location is very good for arts students- it's very close to the Sidgwick Site (ten minutes walk) and is also close to some of the 'big' colleges, such as St. John's, Trinity, Magdalene, Queens. Secure underground bike storage for all those that apply (bicycle theft is one of the top crimes that happen at Cambridge). Obviously the answer is Trinity College, Oxford It is really pretty and has some pretty awesome people at it. West House (houses all freshers) is all ensuite. Especially the 3rd year physicists. The fellows and the students eat the same food, therefore it is of a edible/good standard. The is a gym onsite, which will receive new machines this year. College colours are pink and brown. All 31 colleges are considered self-governing (with endowments and property), as they have their own internal structures and activities and control their memberships. Some students have to live above the Eagle pub, so can be a bit noisy if you leave your window open. The Telegraph's Oxbridge College league table ranks each Oxford and Cambridge . Accommodation - limited ensuites (if any), especially in prettier courts such as Great Court. New or Current users need help with SSO Login? Here are the 10 best colleges at the University of Cambridge. The hall is the oldest secular building in Europe still used for its original purpose, The oldest college, which is quite cool I suppose, The only college that has a points-based (for participation in College/uni life, also for exam results) room ballot - students are rewarded for more than just studying, Third years have the option of living in Old Courtright in College. Very average, unimaginative food in canteen and not much choice. The outstanding gardens are the jewel in its crown, look great all year round and really makes up for the architecture (you can also walk on some of the lawns), plus it does have an attractive old house in the middle, and a quirky Chinese style Lee Hall auditorium. Student favourites - like pasta and pizza dishes - have also been increasingly catered for thanks to the work of the 2016/17 JCR Catering Officer. Kings College. Expensive food - usually around 2.70 for a main but that doesn't include potatoes/rice or vegetables, although the sides are about 50p and absolutely massive! Only 3.3% come from the poorest 20% of househoulds. Has the nicest and most distinctive gown of all the Colleges (navy with black velvet trim as opposed to the ubiquitous and dull black everyone else seems to have). My favourite rooms are A1 Queens, Z Angel in Trinity, Old Court in Emma - which now even has bathrooms, the wonderful room in Web's building King's with the murals I forget the number, and I1 in Mem Court Clare. Fines students pretty heavily for not cleaning their room or not signing out at the end of term, Cafe always full of random arts students from sidgwick site so can be hard to get a seat at busy times, Lack of bedders means you have to take your own bins out from your room, Lack of a suitably large JCR room to socialise/chill (although buttery and cafe can sometimes fill this purpose), A few subjects (notably comp sci) your supervisor/director of studies is based at another college which can be inconvenient, The food is some of the nicest (and cheapest) in Cambridge, Was voted as the college that students across the uni would most want to be at (excluding their own obviously) in 2018, Oldest bowling green in use in existence in Europe, As a scientist: close to all the lecture theatres, As an arts student: one of the best colleges in terms of reputation and supervisors, produces many starred firsts, Very central - easy to get anywhere, and there are lots of side entrances which means you don't always have to go through the Porters' Lodge, Some of the friendliest porters you will ever meet, Has a really friendly vibe and community across the students as well, 3rd oldest college - has a strong reputation outside of the university, Accommodation for all 3 years (plus another 3 years if a clinical medical student), Has travel grants and book grants ever year for students, Has research grants for summer work for students, Prof. Ken Smith (Prof of Medicine at Addenbrooke's hospital) is a fantastic contact to have as a clinical medic (he is your Director of Studies), Can play croquet on green (during summer term), Very good size for a college - usually about 130-140 undergrads. HomertonHaving been voted as Cambridges Friendliest College Homerton has a reputation for being fun, caring and very big on the student community. Slight further away from Sidgwick Site (for arts/humanities students) than other colleges but still only a 15 minute walk max. Gonville & Caius College - Harvey Court Caius is definitely the best College at Cambridge. 4.the director of nursing , "penny" is beyond rude. Beautiful and peaceful gardens, some of the prettiest in Cambridge- hard to realise you are in the centre of town! I'm picking a college to apply to at Cambridge and can't find much information about where there is good food-by that I mean tasty, healthy and good vegetarian options. One of the most extensive outreach programmes across the University. Students can store some belongings in out of term storage, so they don't have to drag everything back home at the end of every term (good for international students). Very central - 30 seconds away from nearest club, literally 10m from a takeaway, 1-2 min to Nandos & Pizza Hut, 2 min to the nearest cinema, 5 min from Sainsbury's, very close to most lecture sites. Relatively far away from the action, really. There is, however, the attractive Elmside building, an old house which is the centrepiece of the college. Not consenting or withdrawing consent, may adversely affect certain features and functions. The Library is open 24/7 and the librarians are very warm and pleasant. Small but beautiful college site. To provide the best experiences, we use technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information. Excellent accommodation (and rooms are a max 4 minute walk away from college site, if not on the site itself). you get a living room as well as a bedroom). Regarded by many students as the 'evil college' for its investments into tobacco, arms, fossil fuels. Pretty chill college. Old Court has the perfect balance of being detached from the town centre yet two minutes away. The Student Room and The Uni Guide are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. Cambridge College is ranked in position 61 for Northern America. Amongst the best sporting facilities of aCambridge College at its own site (Leckhampton) which is only 8-10 minutes walk from College. without being an academic pressure cooker, Gryffindor colours! For the duration of your course most students will live in a Cambridge College - somewhere to sleep, eat, learn and make lifelong friends. But it has nice views + en suites. Free films in the Auditorium every Wednesday. Basically all accommodation is on main site, so you'll never be a 25 minute walk away from your library like those at Tit Hall. Food - food is generally really good, it's self serve with about four different main options and ~5 different types of veg. A Cambridge College has hosted a special event on current and emerging global food trends, with a keynote presentation by one of the UK's leading trend specialists. 1,205 - split between 5 students for a party). Accepted more students than there was accommodation for, the college does not own any off-site housing, so many students (particularly for Masters) were left having to find their own housing before arrival, problematic if you get your offer very late in the cycle. What is the most popular college at Cambridge? Named the No. Posted: May 21, 2021; 0 ; which cambridge college has the best food Kitchen situation isn't the dream at central site, usually comes with a kettle and microwave, so can be harder if you want to cook for yourself. Food and Drink. Takes forever to get from one side of college to another. Resources. The college has a lot of punts it rents out cheaply to its students. Main college site is very central & one of the best locations in Cambridge. Ideal for fresh undergraduates going straight into PhD/Masters, most students are in their early 20s, so atmosphere isn't too ancient or 'boring' (often a misconception of graduate colleges), lively enough with regular bops without everyone being noisy/crazy for always going out (unlike purely undergraduate colleges!) Really tiny corridors. First Oxbridge College to pay employees the living wage. When it comes to buttery food, Robinson has topped the tables across the board, with students claiming it to be fantastic. Frequent and excellent formal dinners (subject and society based), and other social quirks, like tri-termly Dean's Port evenings and weekly Dean's tea (obscene amounts of free cake) during exam term, Obscenely rich (somewhere around 500,000 per undergraduate in endowmentsthe third richest college per head, after Trinity and John's). The Tompkins Table is an annual ranking that lists the Colleges of the University of Cambridge in order of their undergraduate students' performances in that year's examinations. Reply 1. sciencelover37, Started by: The food is very good and it costs 12.75. Which college at Cambridge is best for medicine? Difficult to persuade friends from other colleges to come and visit - they can't 'drop in' easily, Accommodation and laundry is relatively expensive. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: Imperial House, 2nd Floor, 40-42 Queens Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3XB, Article by lizzieking on Monday 27 March 2017. Check out this short Canvas Orientation Video. GirtonChurchill. Accommodation isn't allocated based on academic performance. Richest Oxbridge college by far - endowed with well over 1 billion! In order to promote interaction and generate conversation mobile phones were once banned in the dining hall even at informal meals, though this has been relaxed to just banning phone calls. Very small (approx 100 students a year): the second smallest college after Peterhouse. The college is on several sites, across different roads, which is a shame for bonding and isnt as conducive to a community feel, Cheapest Undergraduate accommodation prices across the university. The Best College Dining Halls In The United States - Best On-Campus Food 1 We Made A Magazine With Disney! Durham University, Started by: Centrally located, Trinity Hall was founded in 1350. For comparison, the second richest college in Cambridge (St. Johns) has estimated assets of around 780 million, and the richest college in Oxford (St. Johns) has about 600 million. Some grumpy porters - though majority really make you feel at home and are willing to help you with most things. for law the library holds probably the most comprehensive law collection of any college, and Downing's Cranworth Law Society hosts a wide range of useful events. Everything operates year-round, rather than being really busy in term time and dead in the vacs - DarBar (the college bar) is busy all the time. Infamous for favouring advantaged students over disadvantaged (Ramanujan being an exception). 40 name change fee for the May Ball ticket! 1. undergrads are female), Magdalene, Murray Edwards (female), Newnham (female), Pembroke, Peterhouse, Queens', Robinson, St Catharine's, St Edmund's (mature), St John's, Selwyn, Sidney Sussex, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Wolfson (mature), Look at Personal Statements used to apply to Cambridge. Which is the prettiest Cambridge College? "The dorms are extremely nice much better than the majority of colleges," one student noted . Universities & Colleges King's College One of the 31 constituent Colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, King's College was founded by King Henry VI in 1441. FAQs. College has high number of blues for its size. (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Personal Statements used to apply to Cambridge, Official UCL 2023 Undergraduate Applicants Thread, Official Thread: (Undergraduate) Medicine 2023 Entry. Known for amazing accommodation, hotel standard in first year. Good gym, 4 squash courts, 5 tennis courts. If the library doesn't have a book you need you can request it and they sometimes have it delivered within 24 hrs! Provide in college accommodation for all three years of undergraduate study. Anonymous, Started by: At Jesus we hold Formal Hall five times a . Rooms cleaned weekly. Choice at lunch time: 2 hot main, fresh vegetables potatoes, rice pasta or couscous, Baked Potatoes and fillings, home made soup, 6 salads, cold main course items, pudding, fresh fruit, yogurts, biscuits, nuts and dried snacks, fruit juice , smoothies, tea coffee chocolate. Is there a direct train from Oxford to Cambridge? But, some of the newer buildings are much more attractive and modern. My partner is letting her friend sleep in her bed, am I overeacting? Formal Hall Underneath the gown, lots of people like (and tend) to dress up, especially if its a special occasion, but you dont have to. As with all the graduate colleges, no high table. Not an insular college - people know a lot of people from other colleges. The 25 Colleges With the Best Food By Tom Fish On 8/29/21 at 7:00 AM EDT Culture College Cornell University Food Cooking & Food While the college experience is rarely recognized for. The master got himself embroiled in a big golfing controversy by helping a top British golf club evict its old members and charge a 100,000 fee to rejoin. You will find lots of foxes and a variety of birds such as kestrels and woodpeckers. Very small: can feel a bit too insular if you are used to large year groups in school. Not too big to feel unknown, still large enough to meet lots of new people, Exactly 50:50 split of genders, perfect balance of private/state educated & Home/EU + International students who are all welcome, Had 3 of the 11 Cambridge students in the Tab's top 100 women to watch, The Master has a very cute dog which you can sign up to take for a walk (Instagram: @tobythecatzdog), Very good food with a wide variety of meat and vegetarian options and only college with a cheese course for formals, A lot of vegetarian & vegan options at hall. Inconveniently large. Relaxed atmosphere - gowns not compulsory for formals and you can walk on whatever grass you like. Get the chance to live in Old Court, the oldest court in all of Oxbridge, whose buildings are 600 years old and is the oldest continuously used student accommodation in the world. This page is part of The Student Room's information and advice about Oxford and Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge). below is the list as published in Thursdays TCS. The clock is a tourist magnet so can be hard to get past. 99 Days Until First Year Medicine Exams Blog, Official LSE Undergraduate Applicants thread 2023, London School of Economics and Political Science, Official LSE Postgraduate Applicants 2023 Thread, Official Imperial College 2023 Undergraduate Applicants Thread, Official: University of Sheffield A100 2023 entry, Official King's College London 2023 Applicants Thread, Official: University of Leeds A100 2023 entry, Official: Keele University A100 2023 entry, 2023 entry A100 / A101 Medicine fastest and slowest offer senders, Official: King's College London A100 2023 Entry, The Pupillage Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread 2023 Watch. (Though Tit Hall did come first). Completed a Cuppers Treble winning the Men's, Women's and Mixed finals, Superb sports facilities including extensive playing fields; squash, badminton & tennis courts; a gym; and a renovated boathouse, Has the most Mental Health (Student Minds) reps of any college, Great internet coverage. Originally Answered: What is the best of the Oxford & Cambridge colleges? March 2, 2023. TSR George, Started by: Very open plan - walk on all grass, large buildings, easy entry everywhere. Excellent theatre and sport facilities: pitches and a tennis court are very close to college, squash courts are in college. For men, evensong is four times a week: there is also the option to sing both with women and with boy choristers - so is a great option for those who are serious about singing but don't want the commitment to singing every day as at King's and John's. There are also regular exhibitions on which students are free to go to. At Jesus we have a Formal Hall five times a week at 7.30pm: Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays. Which is the richest Cambridge college? Casper_a_r, Started by: Located next to Mill Road, which has an international feel to it with international food stores and the annual Mill Road Fair. Executive MBA participants at Cambridge Judge Business School also become members of one of the University of Cambridge's 31 Colleges. StrawberryDreams. New McGrath Centre also has practice studios for musicians & new auditorium for events, Very secure underground bike shed so theyre less likely to be stolen, One of the only colleges with 2 libraries. A couple of minutes away from the centre. Only 3.3% come from the poorest 20% of househoulds, Ballot changes mean you can no longer select other people to ballot with, meaning that you can't be assured of living with your friends, The changes to the room ballot also mean you could come last out of all ~300 students balloting in both first and second year, The Dean blackmailed the JCR in the name of welfare because of the ballot, Bops cancelled for a term after someones vomit stained stonework in Cripps in 2015 (Bops have been safe as of 2017).

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