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Jim Bowie was born in Logan County, Kentucky in 1796. Biography of James 'Jim' Bowie. The wounded Bowie killed one of his opponents with a massive knife, which later became famous as the Bowie knife.. Read more about the Thin White Duke & David Bowies characters. He was born in Brixton, London on January 8, 1947, and died at age 69 on January 10, 2016. Commanding the volunteers at San Antonio was James Bowie. 10 Interesting David Bowie Facts You May Not Know. In 1801 they settled on farms in what is now Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. Yes, the character that launched Bowie into stardom was a result of his obsession with creating different personas in the theater. He acted quickly, arming the men with weapons seized from the local Mexican armory. He then got into land speculation. Bowie toured as a backup vocalist and keyboardist for rocker Iggy Pop, in 1977. Instantly access James Bowie plus over 40,000 of the best books & videos for kids. He played a humanoid alien by the name of Thomas Jerome Newtonthat crash-landed on Earth while trying to ship water back to his planet that was hit by a severe drought. On March 6, 1836, Mexican forces stormed the Alamo, a fortress-like old mission in San Antonio where some 200 rebellious Texans had been holed up for weeks. Bowie starred in the Broadway production of The Elephant Man in 1980. Bowie migrated with his parents to Missouri (1800) and then to Louisiana (1802). Bowie was in such a bad state physically and mentally in late 1976, that he had to leave the USA and basically retire for two years in order to rehabilitate. By the time of his death, he had received at least 49 major awards and 113 nominations. After talking so much about his passion for acting and creating characters, this David Bowie fact might not even surprise you. The last, and probably one of the most amazing facts about David Bowie is the fact that he sold over 100 million records worldwide. he found a new stage name inspired by James Bowie and the Bowie knife. At some point, James and his brothers became acquainted with Jean Lafitte, the legendary Gulf Coast pirate involved in illegal slave smuggling. In the event that you have any questions about how to start your knife collection, or how to add to it with high quality pieces, dont hesitate to shoot us an email. Therefore, narrowing it down to only 10 facts feels like a betrayal to the myriad of interesting events from his rich and colorful life. Bowie was a born leader, never needlessly spending a bullet or imperiling a life. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Test. He became a recognized director for Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011). He was among the Americans who died at the Battle of the Alamo. Concerned for his brothers safety, Rezin gave James a long-bladed butcher knife. He was signed by Elvis record label RCA, and his three-album deal was worth $37,500. He donated 200,000 to the cause. Christopher Minster, Ph.D., is a professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. James Bowie is a popular hero of the Texas Revolution (1835-36). David Bowies eyes were in fact both the same color blue! He shares a birthday with Elvis. Between September 6 and September 14, all of them would die of cholera. His lasting fame, however, came about as a result of his presence at the fateful Battle of the Alamo. The Mexican Army, commanded by Mexican General Santa Anna, showed up in late February. Many residents of San Antonio joined the rebels, bringing valuable intelligence with them. James Jim Bowie was a frontiersman, explorer, and pioneer, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution, culminating in his death at the Battle of the Alamo. There was some tension between the two leaders, however, whenfamous frontiersman Davy Crockett arrived, he defused the tension. There Reason and his brothers swore allegiance to the Spanish government. According to the Smithsonian, at the height of Crockett-mania, coonskin caps were selling at a rate of 5,000 per day. Crockett spent most of the Creek War working as a scout and wild game hunter, but he was also present when future president Andrew Jacksonthen the commander of Tennessees militialed his volunteers in the slaughter of some 200 Red Sticks at the Creek village of Tallushatchee. James Bowie ( / bui / BOO-ee [1] [2] [3]) [a] ( c. 1796 - March 6, 1836) was a 19th-century American pioneer, slave smuggler and trader, and soldier who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution. Shortly after his marriage Bowie became fascinated with the story of the lost Los Almagres Mine (also known as the lost San Saba Mine and the lost Bowie Mine), which was said to be located northwest of San Antonio near the ruin of the Spanish Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba. Portrait of Jim Bowie, circa 1820. Though the Battle of the Sandbar lasted less than ten minutes, General Samuel Cuny and Major Norris Wright were dead, and Jim Bowie and Alfred Blanchard were wounded. There have been a number of movies about the Battle of the Alamo. When the Mexicans attacked at dawn, the Texians took cover in a horseshoe-shaped gully and, because of their excellent defensive position, longer firing range, and better ammunition, were able to repel the Mexican soldiers who retreated after three hours of fighting. Bowie was the unofficial leader of these volunteers and he did not care for Travis, which made things tense at the fort. The Indians took him to their village in Ohio,. Crockett, meanwhile, was one of several bystanders who disarmed the would-be assassin and wrestled him to the ground. Why? There was alsoThe Monkees singer David Davy Jones. The Bowie knife is a favorite among hunters due to the sturdy construction and craftsmanship. Bowie soon urged Mexicans to apply for these grants, which he purchased from them. In most states including New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia it is illegal to carry a weapon, even for self-defense. Bowie became a cult icon for his portrayal of Jareth the Goblin King in Jim Hensons, Labyrinth. In February 1778, while Boone was traveling with a group of Boonesborough men along Kentucky's Licking River, he was captured by a group of Shawnees. He was not there when Texan rebels stormed the city in the early days of December 1835, but he returned shortly after. Given his range of eclectic influences, one would hardly expect his name to . Biography and associated logos are trademarks of A+E Networksprotected in the US and other countries around the globe. However, while both of his eyes were indeed blue, his left was left permanently dilated after he was punched in the face by a friend over a girl when he was 15 years old, which creates an optical illusion. James Bowie, byname Jim Bowie, (born 1796?, Logan County, Ky., U.S.died March 6, 1836, San Antonio, Texas), popular hero of the Texas Revolution (183536) who is mainly remembered for his part in the Battle of the Alamo (FebruaryMarch 1836). Not yet a state, Louisiana still retained a frontier atmosphere. Texas losses included one killed and one wounded. His mother Peggy claimed Bowie got his love of theater and talent for singing from the Burns family (her family). David Bowie is one of the most influential and iconic musicians of all time. 5 Cool Facts About Bowie Knives. In 1810, the family relocated to Madrid, Missouri, where they lived for two years before moving again to Louisiana in 1802. His voice is still ringing in my old deaf ears as he repeatedly admonished us. Two years later, he married Maria Ursula de Veramendi, the daughter of one of his business partners. This made Bowie a hero to those Texans who favored independence, although it is not necessarily what Bowie intended, as he had a Mexican wife and a lot of money in land in Mexican Texas. In death, he became a great hero, and today he is widely revered in Texas, even more so than his brothers-in-arms Travis and Crockett. In 1826, having already served in the Tennessee legislature, Crockett was elected to the first of three non-consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Many myths and legends have grown about the Battle of the Alamo, but the facts often give a different account. James parents had lived in Tennessee before moving to Kentucky, where James was born 1796. These songs are exhibited and immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum. James Bowies wife, Maria, began wearing widows weeds. A year later, general Juan Seguin interred the ashes at the Cathedral of San Fernando. Byways & Historic Trails Great Drives in America, Soldiers and Officers in American History, Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas Declaring Independence, Stanley, Ks Extinct but Still Here (LOK), Black Bob Reservation in Johnson County (LOK). In any case, it was a debilitating illness, and Bowie was confined, delirious, to his bed. He and his brother Rezin joined the army during the War of 1812. But the Indians suffered more losses, reportedly 40 dead and 30 wounded, and soon fled the area. Bowie and other volunteers from Nacogdoches caught up with a rag-tag army led by Stephen F. Austin and James Fannin. Representing the Opportunity of a Lifetime, Disclaimer | Return policy We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. On February 23 the dictator of Mexico, Antonio Lpez de Santa Ana, arrived with an army of 5, 000 men. He became an American folk hero and the "Bowie Knife" is named after him. On March 6, 1836, Bowie became an. The battle was over in less than two hours, leaving great Texas heroes like Jim Bowie, James Butler Bonham, and William Travis dead. The James Black Bowie knife had a blade approximately twelve inches (30 cm) long, two inches (5.1 cm) wide, and 14 inch (0.64 cm) thick. Dua Lipa started working as a model shortly after arriving in . He was the ninth of ten children. He was the ninth of ten children. At the time, however, many of the regions residents considered themselves citizens of the so-called state of Franklin, a breakaway territory that had declared its independence from North Carolina two years earlier. 10 Facts About David Bowie. A hearty man of six feet, Bowie was a walking contradiction; a slave trader who fought for freedom, a generous and congenial man who had his thunderous temper, and a commanding leader . Ironically, on the second day of the siege, the man who had earned a reputation as a fierce fighter, became ill and was confined to his bed, too sick to participate in the greatest battle of his life. His full name is David Robert Jones. The Alamo Mission was founded in 1718 in the San Antonio area of Texas, and was designed to educate the Native Americans. Though the couple built a house in San Antonio on land Veramendi had given them near the San Jos Mission, they moved into Marias parents house a short time later. There, he discovered that a Mexican law of 1828 offered its citizens 11 league grants (a league was 4,428.4 acres) in Texas for $100 to $250 each. Crocketts death at the Alamo secured his place as an antebellum American hero, but it was Walt Disney who brought his legend into the 20th century. Ziggy would not leave me alone for years. In 1976, Bowie starred in the science fiction movieThe Man Who Fell to Earth. James Bowie kids' book from the leading digital reading platform with a collection of 40,000+ books from 250+ of the world's best publishers. If youre looking to add a handcrafted Bowie knife to your collection, check out our Exquisite Knives gallery. We have a thorough fact-checking process and a dedicated team verifying our content for accuracy. Rezin Bowie, Sr. purchased 640 acres on the Vermilion River and developed a plantation near Opelousas, where he grew cotton and sugarcane, raised livestock, and bought and sold slaves. He holds an honorary doctor of music degree. Most would also agree, too, that Bowies association with the Battle of the Alamo guaranteed his status as a legendary frontiersman. Soon he was back in Louisiana selling timber, and with the proceeds, he bought some enslaved people and expanded his operation. But most of the characters he created suffered a theatrical death after a certain period and never returned. In the antebellum South, two commodities could lead to wealth and respectability land and slaves. Wed love to hear from you. Bowie starred in the Broadway show 157 times, and celebrities such as John Lennoncould have been often spotted in the audience during his performances. In the ensuing battle, Crockett and some 200 other defenders were all killed. maceymillerrr. James "Jim" Bowie was a frontiersman, explorer, and pioneer, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution, culminating in his death at the Battle of the Alamo. In life, he was a con man and a trader of enslaved people. A county, a town, and an elementary school in Texas were named after him. Now, the longtime David Bowie fans are surely aware of his various personalities and their origin, but for newer fans, this might be brand new information. Etching of Davy Crockett campaigning for the U. S. House of Representatives in the Tennessee frontier. He bought large parcels of land and sold them whenever he could make a profit. Instead, he mounted a defense and fortified the Alamo. But despite the quarrel, the two reminded good friends and even collaborated on a few projects. Fast Facts: James Bowie. Before indulging in the music world professionally, David Bowie was an actor in an experimental theater under the tutelage ofLindsay Kemp. Eyewitnesses who remembered Bowies big butcher knife began to spread the word of Bowies prowess with the lethal blade, capturing public attention and starting the legend of Bowies reputation as the Souths most formidable knife fighter. Dua Lipa came back to London at the age of 16 in hopes of becoming a singer. Early reports had him falling in the battle, and several witnesses claimed he was found surrounded by a heap of enemy corpses. He later denied this, even though a swastika featured heavily in the China Girl music video. The Mexican Army arrived on February 23, 1836, led by General Santa Anna and began the attack on the Alamo. He even claimed to have bagged 105 of the animals in a seven-month period. He was a second cousin of William B. Travis and was a messenger of the Battle of the Alamo. .css-m6thd4{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;display:block;margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;font-family:Gilroy,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-size:1.125rem;line-height:1.2;font-weight:bold;color:#323232;text-transform:capitalize;}@media (any-hover: hover){.css-m6thd4:hover{color:link-hover;}}Tuskegee Airman Clarence D. Lester Broke Barriers, Biography: You Need to Know: Rick Thornton. James Bowie, byname Jim Bowie, (born 1796?, Logan County, Ky., U.S.died March 6, 1836, San Antonio, Texas), popular hero of the Texas Revolution (1835-36) who is mainly remembered for his part in the Battle of the Alamo (February-March 1836). Test. Bowie's reputation was cemented by his role in the Texas Revolution. The idea that he ever used the knife in a play is a myth started in an 1880 newspaper story that incorrectly attributed the idea to a series "The History of a Philadelphia Stage." That "History" only mentioned the Bowie knife by way of . His wife and kids died from cholera in 1833. He left Saltillo with about 15 of these grants. Jim Bowie was an American military leader and folk hero. Bowie and his brothers bought enslaved people who had been smuggled, declared that they had "found" them, and kept the money when they were sold at auction. He died when the Mexicans attacked on March 6, 1836. All Rights Reserved. About 189 Texans held off the Mexican army for 13 days. His fame in Texas grew following his failed expedition to find the lost San Saba mine, during which his small party repelled an attack by a large Indian raiding party. Following a stint as an independent republic, Franklin was eventually reclaimed by North Carolina in 1789. In January 1836, he arrived at the Alamo, where he commanded the volunteer forces until an illness left him bedridden. If you want to publish an article with your name attached to it, this is the place for you. After earning $65,000, they quit the business. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! He also searched for a lost silver mine thought to be located near the ruins of an old Spanish mission, Santa Cruz de San Sba. In 1956, the novel was adapted into a TV series on CBS, called The Adventures of Jim Bowie. He was known as a formidable knife fighter after a violent feud with local sheriff, Norris Wright. Born: 1796 in Kentucky. The title of Indian fighter only added to his reputation. The extent of Bowies participation is unclear, but he returned to Louisiana before Spanish troops repelled the invasion. Were more than happy to help. 3 interesting facts Known as the best knife fighter in the country . His rise to fame began in 1827 on reports of the Sandbar Fight. Bowie was once again hailed a hero. Part of the Texas Revolution between 1835 and 1836, the Battle of the Alamo is an event that most people have heard about at some point in their lives. In 1980, after a decade-long hiatus, Bowie returned to the theater. But occasionally, we may get things wrong, or information becomes outdated. 8 Important People of the Texas Revolution, The Battle of the Alamo: Unfolding Events, The Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas, 10 Facts About the Independence of Texas From Mexico, Biography of Sam Houston, Founding Father of Texas, Biography of Stephen F. Austin, Founding Father of Texan Independence. In 2000 he was first offered the royal honor of Commander of the order of the British Empire (CBE) which he rejected, and three years later in 2003, he was offered a knighthood which he also turned down. He fought in the Battle of Concepcion and in the Grass Fight. Mexican losses included 14 killed and 39 wounded, some of whom died later. Unfortunately, both children died alongside their mother and grandparents in 1833. Bowie fell ill before the Battle of the Alamo and could no longer perform his duties as commander. Parents: Reason and Elve Ap-Catesby Jones Bowie. His family owned a large farm with plenty of animals and several slaves. James Butler Bonham (February 20, 1807 - March 6, 1836) was a 19th-century American soldier who died at the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. On October 28, the Battle of Concepcin, which occurred on the grounds of Mission Concepcin, two miles south of San Antonio, was fought. His death on March 6, 1836, however, ensured his place in history as one of Texas most interesting figures. They had a daughter named Maria Elve and a son named James Veramendi. The name Bowie was inspired by the popular knife of the same name and its creator James Bowie. This happened when he was punched at age 15 by his friend, George Underwood, over a girl. Stories of him as a fighter and frontiersman, both real and fictitious, have made him a legendary figure in Texas history and a folk hero of American culture. His son Zowie reverted to using the name Duncan Jones at the age of 18. He was the son of Reason and Elve Ap-Catesby (Jones) Bowie. But whats interesting about this fact is the reason behind the name change. James " Jim " Bowie (circa 1796 - March 6, 1836) was a 19th-century American pioneer, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution, culminating in his death at the Battle of the Alamo. James and his older brother, Rezin, shared an extremely close relationship. Terms in this set (4) Early life born in Kentucky had to become a Spanish citizen claimed he could laso a deer . The following year he returned to land speculation and was appointed a land commissioner tasked with promoting settlement. But why is that? According to legend, when Travis drew a line in the sand and told the men to cross it if they would stay and fight, Bowie, too weak to walk, asked to be carried over the line. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/biography-of-jim-bowie-2136241. Bowies role in the Texas Revolution extends beyond his well-known participation in the Battle of the Alamo. Bowie was an interesting man in his time, a renowned hothead, brawler, and troublemaker who went to Texas to escape his creditors in the United States. He helped to launch a community center in Brixton. In early February, William Travis arrived in San Antonio. The troops were marching on San Antonio, hoping to defeat Mexican General Martn Perfecto de Cos and end the conflict quickly. Bowie has appeared as a character in many of them: Woodcut illustrating Rezin Bowie's 1833 account of an 1831 Indian fight in Texas appearing in the Saturday Evening Post and Atkinson's Casket. Crockett later served as a sergeant during Jacksons War of 1812 campaign in Spanish Florida but saw little action before his enlistment ended in 1815. "Biography of James 'Jim' Bowie." When I said the experimental theater had a great influence on Bowies career, this is what I meant his alter egos/characters. Ele morreu na lendria Batalha do Alamo. James was born in Logan County,Kentucky, on April 10, 1796, to Rezin Bowie, Sr., and Elve Catesby Jones Bowie. 21. Afterward,Bowie settled in Rapides Parish, where he supported himself by sawing planks and lumber and floating them down the bayou for sale. His appointment ended in May 1835 when President Antonio Lpez de Santa Anna abolished the Texas government. The battle lasted until March 6, 1836, when all the remaining 188 defenders, including James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William Travis, were killed. But if insulted, he had a terrible temper that quickly came out. However, when we look at a photograph of Bowie, we can notice the color dissimilarity in his eyes. He would take over nominal command of the forces there when the ranking officer left. In 1975, however, an alternate account was uncovered in the diary of a Mexican officer named Jose Enrique de la Pea. Getty Images / Barney Burstein / Corbis / VCG, Explore 10 surprising facts about the man often called the King of the Wild Frontier.. So it had no hand-guard as modern versions do. The Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture was Bowies last tour at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1973. Bowie went to Nacogdoches, where he and Sam Houston were elected leaders of the local militia. According to the museum, James Jim Bowie, who died at the Alamo, made the Bowie knife famous in the Sandbar Fight duel he fought in 1827. He built a steam mill that was used to grind sugar cane. Tip: If you just want to quickly read some David Bowie facts without additional information, then the following section is for you. Bowie married his partner, Iman Abdulmajid in a small ceremony in Switzerland. Bowie and his men began the long walk back to San Antonio after losing their horses. Tragically, his young wife and her parents died in Monclova in 1833 when a cholera epidemic swept across northern Mexico. Their first child was named Zowie. He became an American folk hero and the "Bowie Knife" is named after him. Relying on his old skills, Bowie speculated in Texas lands. Many early Americans were drawn to the western frontier of the new republic among them the Bowies. After obtaining permission from the Mexican government to mount an expedition to search for the legendary silver mine, Bowie, his brother Rezin, and ten others set out for San Saba on November 2, 1831. Jim Bowie. See more ideas about james bowie, texas history, alamo. Bowie performed Under Pressurewith Annie Lennox at the Freddie Mercury Memorial Concert. Known as the Battle of Calf Creek, as the Indians surrounded the men, the fighting lasted for 13 hours. He went there and found plenty to keep him busy, including another land speculation scheme and the charms of Ursula Veramendi, the well-connected daughter of the mayor of San Antonio. In the following two years, Bowie continued giving outrageous statements such asBritain could benefit from a Fascist leader, and even was detained on the Polish border for carrying Nazi memorabilia with him. Born in Kentucky, Bowie spent most of his life in Louisiana, where he was raised and where he later worked as a land owner. He had nine siblings. The Mexican government finally passed laws in 1834 and 1835 that stopped much land speculation. This makes him one of the best-selling artists of all time. He had previously worked on the song with Queen. But to understand why he was doing this, we need to look into The Thin White Duke character. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars gave Bowie his most recognized alter-ego yet Ziggy Stardust. None of the defenders survived. He designed it as a hunting knife and gave it to James for protection after his brother had been shot in a fight. According to one oft-repeated yarn, he once killed a bear in pitch-black darkness by stabbing it in the heart with a butcher knife. Died: March 6, 1836 in San Antonio, Mexican Texas. If youre enthusiastic about hunting, youve most likely familiarized yourself with Bowie knives. By early February, the 49-year-old had found his way to San Antonio de Bexar and taken up a post at the former Franciscan mission known as the Alamo. Lets Dance made Bowie a superstar; it became his biggest-selling single. What are 3 interesting facts about James Bowie? By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. But what's interesting about this fact is the reason behind the name change. During the Siege of Bxar in October 1835, Bowie served on the staff of Stephen F. Austin, commander of the Federal Army of Texas. On the morning of October 28, troops under Colonels Bowie and James W. Fannin drove off a larger force of Mexican soldiers, winning the Battle of Concepcon. Bowie bought land and developed estates together with his brothers. After two weeks of siege, the Mexicans attacked the morning of March 6. Samuel Levi Wells III and Dr. Thomas Harris Maddox had agreed to fight a duel, and each man had brought several seconds along. This was the start of the "Ziggy" look. Learn. Two menSamuel Levi Wells III and Dr. Thomas Harris Maddoxhad agreed to fight a duel, and each man had brought along several supporters. Crockett tried his hand at everything from farming to manufacturing wood barrels and gunpowder, but he found his greatest success as a professional hunter. Bowie told his men to keep their heads and stay low. Although not yet a household name like Crockett at the time of the battle, Bowie and his exploits had gained renown in some quarters. In 1830, meanwhile, he alienated many of his constituents with his fierce opposition to President Andrew Jacksons Indian Removal Act. 22 Electric Facts About Pikachu | Pokmon, The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad Prequel Theory is Wrong, 6 Facts That Prove They Werent Dead The Whole Time On LOST, Facts About Melissa McBride | Carol Peletier, 32 Astonishing Facts You Didnt Know About Lana Del Rey, 45 Terrific Facts About Tom Holland That You Didnt Know, 15 Lucky Facts About Aquamarine, Marchs Birthstone. Jim Bowie was a fighter in Texas Revolution who died during the defense of the Alamo. Despite conflicting accounts of the manner of his death, the "most popular, and probably the most accurate" accounts maintain that he died in his bed after emptying his pistols into several Mexican soldiers. You can help preserve the Third, his name will always be tied to a larger-than-average knife. This militia group would later become known as the Texas Rangers. The update to the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 which comes into effect today has outlawed a variety of bladed weapons from private ownership. Minster, Christopher. According to his brother John, Jim Bowie was a large man, about 6 feet (1.8m) tall and about 180 pounds (82kg). On January 30, 1835, the two men were part of a crowd of lawmakers leaving the U.S. Capitol after a state funeral. Founded in 1865, Bowie State is the oldest Historically Black College/University in Maryland and one of the ten oldest in the country. A Bowie knife (/bui/ BOO-ee) is a pattern of fixed-blade fighting knife created by Rezin Bowie in the early 19th century for Jim Bowie, who had become famous for his use of a large knife at a duel known as the Sandbar Fight. In 1996, he was indicted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. James Walker Fannin was born in early 1804 in Georgia. Learn. Rezin (pronounced "reason") gave his younger brother (Jim) the knife so he would always have a backup weapon. He married Veramendi in 1831 and took up residence in San Antonio. After the war he and his brothers entered into the slave-trading business. During this time he developed a reputation as a deadly knife-fighter. ThoughtCo, May. He also described The Thin White Duke as a very Aryan, fascist type of character. The cover of the Pin Ups album featured Bowie, with model Twiggy. It's nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction about his life and exploits. He is a former head writer at VIVA Travel Guides. On March 6, 1836, Bowie became an American folk hero when he died, along with Davy Crockett, during the defense of the Texas fort, the Alamo. He donated 200,000 to the cause. The Bowie Knife, as it came to be called, gained its reputation the following year in the hands of James near Natchez in an incident known as the Sand Bar Fight. Rezin P. Bowie

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